Bling Diamond Mint Ice by Ripe X

Bling Diamond Mint Ice by Ripe X

Bling Diamond Mint Ice is a fresh fruity vape that combines strawberries and bananas to give you a burst of flavor in every puff. It also comes with a soothing menthol to keep your mouth cool and refreshed while you enjoy it.

Strawnanners Ice

Strawnanners Ice by Ripe X is a tasty concoction of sweet and sour strawberries, creamy bananas and a bit of ice to keep things cool. The e-liquid is available at MistHub in 100ml, 30ml and 15ml sizes and comes in a variety of nicotine strengths including 0mg and 3mg.

Pineapple Mint

Pineapple mint, Mentha suaveolens ‘Variegata’, is one of the most attractive mint varieties. It’s easy to grow and adds a touch of tropical flavor to a variety of dishes and drinks.

Strawberry Banana

This strawberry banana smoothie gets a creamy, protein-packed boost from yogurt. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin C, which fights colds and helps you heal wounds.

Green Apple

Green apples contain a high amount of antioxidants that are beneficial for your health. They can help prevent cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer and skin cancer.

They can also help you stay on track with your health goals. They are low in sugar and have high levels of soluble fibre, which helps control blood glucose levels.

Peach Ice

Peach Ice is a smooth and satisfying vape experience. This e-liquid takes the classic peach flavoring and elevates it with a cool minty kick on the exhale.

Icy Watermelon

Watermelon is a summer staple that isn’t just sweet and refreshing–it’s also chock full of nutrients. It is high in water and potassium, which are both important for maintaining hydration.

Grape Ice

Grape Ice is a delicious e-liquid that tastes like freshly squeezed grape juice. The flavor is sweet, tangy and fresh.

Purple Rain

Purple Rain, the soundtrack to Prince’s 1984 movie, is one of his most iconic songs. It’s a song that has been interpreted in many different ways.

The song’s lyrics were originally interpreted as a dedication to his father. But Prince later said that it was a metaphor for the end of the world.

Strawberry Watermelon

Watermelon is a summertime staple–and a beautiful, delicious fruit to boot. It’s packed with nutrients, including lycopene, an antioxidant that fights free radicals and reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

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